Guppy Magic

I refuse to feed my fish pet store junk so I formulated this food to feed my own fish! This is the main staple food for every fish in my fish room because this stuff has high quality expensive ingredients that make my fish thrive!

This food is perfect for all small fish not just guppies!

Guppy Magic Is Good For All Small Tropical Fish……Guppies, Mollies, Endlers, Killifish, Gold Fish, and More!)

Guppy Magic fish food has decapsulated brine shrimp eggs added right into it along other high quality ingredients that can’t be purchased at your local pet shop!

 Brine shrimp eggs are only a partial reason as to why Guppy Magic is so fantastically healthy for your fish because this stuff is completely packed with the highest quality ingredients that you can find anywhere! Guppy Magic consists of High Quality Specialized Guppy FlakeSpirulina  (Immune System Booster)Spay Dried Egg (Growth Booster)Astaxanthin powder (Natural Color Enhancer)Golden Pearls (Revolutionary New Larval Food)Decapsulated Baby Brine Shrimp EggsKrill Fines (High Quality Protein Source) and much much more! Trust me when I say that the ingredients in this food are not easy or cheap to come by and to have all of this in one blend is absolutely awesome! Sprinkle this in your tanks and I guarantee that your fish will love it and more importantly your fish will greatly benefit from eating it!

This food will last a long time unless you have a large number of tanks so to keep it fresh I would suggest taking out a small portion to use when it arrives and then store the unused portion in a sealed air tight freezer bag. 
$12.00 (4 Ounce Bag)
$20.00 (8 Ounce Bag)
$35.00 (16 Ounce Bag)
I will ship as much fish food as you want for only $5